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Standing Up to Polluters

If we want to stop corporations from using our drinking water as their sewer, we’re going to have to start electing people who demand accountability.

Step Up!

Thanks to my awesome supporters who helped me shoot this commercial!

I want To Be Your Representative

My name is Leslie Cohen, and I want to be your representative.

Candidate Forum – April 8, 2018

The 3 Democrats running for House Seat 20 participated in a forum at Ogden Park

Question 1

“Please tell us about the most important event in your life that has affected your political views, and how the lessons you learned from that event will be put to use in your work in the legislature.”

Question 2

“If you could be guaranteed it would pass both houses of the legislature and be signed into law by the governor, what ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION would be your top priority in January, 2019?”

Question 3

“What should the role of charter schools be in North Carolina?”

Question 4

“Describe your strategy for finding the balance between promoting new jobs for HD 20 and our area, versus preventing increased pollution.”

Question 5

“What is your strategy to prevail over Holly Grange in the General Election?”

Question 6

“Describe the most influential discussion you have had with a member of the voting public since announcing your campaign.”

Question 7

“Governor Roy Cooper believes that government should look like the community that it serves. What are your plans for diversity and inclusion that goes beyond male and female and addresses all races and how do you plan to engage and enthuse African American voters about your campaign?”

Question 8

“How would you handle the drug addiction epidemic?”

Official Candidacy Announcement!

Leslie announced her run for House Seat 20 at the infamous “Spigot” at Ogden park. That’s the water station that has been set up for people to fill their jugs with GenX-Free water.

Filing Day!

Leslie files the paperwork to become on official candidate for NC House Seat 20! Amazing turnout by amazing supporters, who are the heart and soul of this campaign.

Campaign Kickoff

Our Campaign Kickoff celebration was held on March 11 at Liberty Tavern. Over 100 people came out to enjoy some time with the candidate, and to hear Leslie speak about why she is the best choice to move North Carolina Forward Again.